Remove all the programs you can´t uninstall


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Windows uninstaller isn´t always 100% effective and sometimes, doesn´t allow us to delete a program. Now, thanks to GeekUnistaller you will be able to remove them completely without leaving a trace.

If all the annoying applications don´t want to disappear from your PC, Geek Uninstaller is in charge of doing this process for you in a secure way doing a check-up once the process has finished, and verifying that there is no more data on your operating system.

Geek Uninstaller also offers more functions: it creates a report on HTML format with a list of installed programs, accesses the Windows registry and the folder where the program you want to delete is installed; it makes searches about the program on Google and adds, just in case, the Force Removal option.

Another advantage of Geek Uninstaller is that it doesn´t need to be installed because it´s a very simple executable file which starts and shows all the programs installed on Windows.

- Doesn´t require installation.

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